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Does anyone have experience treating concussions with acupuncture or know of any good research regarding this .



As with most things you largely treat what the patient presents with using proper diagnostic procedures. The concussion is generally just one of many influences the person may have. In other words, why someone has "x" symptoms after a concussion and someone has "y" symptoms after a concussion usually has more to do with the patterns they had before the concussion than the concussion itself in my opinion.

That said acupuncture is commonly used for the range of post-concussion syndromes and the treatment at least on a base level involves rebalancing the circulation in the brain. While not directly relevant most of the patterns in our acupuncture for stroke treatment pages as well as those in our tam healing system for migraines page (particularly the sky window points usage) would be in the ballpark.

All in all there is much acupuncture offers when properly applied to each individual. Battlefield acupuncture sees common usage for concussions from bomb blasts, etc. with great success.

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