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Concurrent BS upon graduation with MSOM?


I had narrowed down my prospects for my MS studies in Oriental Medicine to two universities: Southwest College of Acupuncture in Boulder, CO; and Five Branches University in Santa Cruz, CA.

After recently studying Jin Shin Do with a co-founder of the Midwest College of Oriental Medicine, I was made aware that they grant a simultaneous BS in Nutrition upon graduating with a MSOM. This is pretty unique, I thought, and was curious if anyone is aware of other Oriental Medicine colleges that also grant simultaneous BS, MS?


I know your question was asked a long time ago, but my school in New York granted a BS/MS concurenntly upon graduation. I think all NY acupuncture schools do. Part of the reason I think has to do with federal financial aid. There is a break point in the curriculum where courses change fron undergraduate to graduate level. After the switch there is more money available because you are now in a graduate program.

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