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Complex regional pain syndrome


I have a new patient with Complex regional pain syndrome. Does anyone have experience with that? acupuncture/herbs?

It started about 2 months ago after an injury to her wrist that was missed diagnosed as a fracture in 2 places. Another therapist made her do exercise that she shouldn't have done with such an injury and from then it made it all worst. Her wrist is very swollen, becomes red sometimes and she is in a lot of pain. Usually she is a very happy, energetic person. Now she is very empty, no energy, bad sleep because of the pain. She is in her mid 40's. Her MD said there is nothing to do about it, but taking pain killers and Nsaids, or numb the nerves. anyone any suggestions?


She should do well with acupuncture, the cases I&#39ve treated have always turned out well. Our Tam healing system (the system I use) treatment page for RSD/CRPS is here. Basically we would treat the person roots (i.e. kd yin, sp qi, whatever they have) and then focus with needling and tuina on the main areas listed on that page. The general idea is to first resolve any poorly healed areas and then work on the sensory areas of the brain to stop them from feeling pain when they shouldn&#39t be.


If there are 2 fractures on the bone, I don&#39t think acupuncture will do it well, the first thing is to take x ray picture, find out the fracture places, then connect it well by western doctor, after bone is well, you can do acupuncture and function rebuild. If the fracture is just muscles, you can do TCM sports injury Tuina with herb wine then put on pain killer patches.


Tom, the page you reference talks about protocol for depression and doesn&#39t mention RSD. Do you use this depression point selection for RSD as well?

Thank you


First of all my name is "Chad" not Tom... Either way, yes that is the protocol for RSD as the title and points suggest - there was one place where it mentioned depression in there within one of the intro paragraphs which has been fixed.


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