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Complex Regional Pain Syndrome / CRPS


The call mentioned in this loop is no longer connected to the link. I have a teenage girl with complex regional pain syndrome in her shoulder which kept going out and recently needed surgery to be tightened up. She is five weeks out of surgery and still in a lot of pain. I will go and examine her today to treat her that would appreciate anyprocals, experience &/or tips that might help. No she is taking Neurontin in high doses which seems to be helping some. She is in physical therapy as well as occupational therapy. I suggested perhaps Kinesiology tape might help keep things more stable, however it was tried and the tape irritated her skin. So she is having a lot of nerve pain I am a little hesitant to try things like Electro-stim or have her do tens ( least until I get a sense of how she reacts to treatments). Anyone having experience with knowing whether these are good adjunct therapies, this would be great information. Thanks to all who respond

Complex regional pain syndrome

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Use some local Ashi points with ST 38, cupping (should be safe five weeks out, don’t use cupping right after surgery) and have her apply some heat. A microwavable rice bag type of heat would be preferable to an electric blanket.


I fixed the link in the previous post - the page you were wanting to view is here.

Generally when people are already inflamed, the less interventions the better. In my opinion, now that she is out a few weeks from surgery and the PT people have done their job with scar tissue it’s time that she sees you and only you. Don’t treat her more than once a week (no tens, no electro) and just let all the tissue settle down and she should do much better. Just acupuncture and some mild tuina around the areas, possibly cupping around the area (not on).


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