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Common TCM patterns associated with Gastroparesis


What would you suggest are some of the most common TCM manifestations/patterns present within patients diagnosed with Gastroparesis?


Most obvious would be food stagnation. I don’t see a whole lot of patients with gastroparesis so I’m not sure how much I can generalize. The most recent case I had showed a predominance of liver invading spleen. I would imagine spleen yang deficiency would likely show up for some patients as well.


By the time people come in with gastroparesis they often have very layered conditions. So you had the initial imbalance in the body, but then they often go through months to years of other interventions and continuing troubles before they end up here for help which makes their signs complicated. Inevitably you see a combination of yin and/or blood deficiency, but what started the process is hard to say. In most cases I consider gastroparesis essentially an autoimmune disorder which nearly always put them into a yin deficient category. This then couples with diabetes (in 50% or so of cases) which further complicates it.

I’ve fully resolved many cases and it’s always a combination of balancing the nervous/autoimmune system by tonifying the yin and slowing overstimulation (emotionally/psychologically, etc.), but doing this in a cautious way while building up the digestive/spleen energy enough to avoid needing the adrenals to compensate which further exacerbates the causal factors in most cases.

In my opinion it’s almost always from excess initially and/or excess stress/emotional activity over long periods. In clearer terms, while I’m sure they exist, I’ve never seen a case where it was from simple deficiency.


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