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Common Acupressure Points for Self-Treatment - discussion (2019-08-25 08:29:15am)q

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I was getting headaches on the left side of my head and neck and I wanted to self treat myself but am not sure what to do

Even for practitioners self-treatment is generally not recommended and while acupressure has its uses, it is fairly limited in my opinion. Part of why self-treatment is not recommended, is that what to do for your health issues can be somewhat complicated. In many ways the term “headache”, even in western terms, is functionally not very useful information. For the general views on this and Chinese Medicine, I suggest you read “treating the cause vs. the symptoms”. In short, Chinese Medicine cares about the contributing factors leading to “why” you have a headache, not using weak static protocols for something that can have many underlying factors such as “headache”. These static protocols are in many ways the weak point of western medicine so to speak, and part of the dynamic tailor-able nature of Chinese Medicine; which when lost devalues the entire system of Chinese Medicine.

In general, though, points such as LV 3, LI 4, LU 7 and/or GB 20 would be in the ballpark of what you are looking for more than likely. Also our headache treatment section has more detailed protocols, potential points, etc.

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