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Colloid Cyst, Some chinese herb or treatment for this cyst?


My husband had a 8mm colloid cyst in third ventricle. Any help ?? Some chinese herb or treatment for this cyst, the headaches are very strong.


So just to be clear, you mention your husband “had” a colloid cyst - is this correct? or does he still have it?

I’m basing my answering on the fact that he still has the cyst, but minus the surgery options my answer would remain the same if he already had the cyst removed…

Technically there are treatments, primarily acupuncture more than herbs in my opinion. But depending on the individual herbs might be appropriate. You should find a practitioner locally and work with them.

That said, if the headaches are debilitating and the cyst is operable (particularly if they can perform the surgery via the transcallosal approach or endoscopically) the best result would very likely come from surgery with acupuncture followups to help the circulation in the area improve and possibly avoid regrowth of the cyst.

If surgery is impossible or too risky to consider, then there are acupuncture and herbal approaches but they will depend greatly on your overall diagnosis in Chinese terms and associated health issues. Only a practitioner who can physically inspect you can guide the treatment for issues of this nature.

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