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Cold/pain in finger nub after amputation of finger tip


I have a patient that had the distal part of her pinky finger amputated in order to treat a melanoma. She seamed to heal fine until 2.5 months after the surgery when the “stump” started to get cold and discolored. Her doctors don’t know why. The neurologist says its COMPLEX REGIONAL PAIN SYNDROME but the surgeon disagrees. Upon examination I found that her hand also goes cold. These cold sensations are intermittent and made worse by physical activity. At the same time her palms and forehead seem warm and clammy. She had poor sleep until her MDs have put her on Gabapenton (sp?), for nerve pain. The Rx doesn’t seem to help the finger but does make her sleep at night. Her tongue is pink with some reddness at the tip and a thin white coat and is a bit shiny.
Lastly she has also had some bouts (mostly at night) when her stump feels warm and “blistery”.

Any suggestions of points and treatment theory on this one would be greatly appreciated… Thanks


Cold and discolored suggests a circulation problem, which translates to potential blood stagnation and almost certainly a yang deficiency. From a western perceptive there is clearly some issue with the nerve so you’re treatment should also keep in mind points that might influence the ulnar nerve -SI 8, SJ 10, Cervical 7 (where spinal nerve 8 comes out, innervates the pinky…) would be what I’d use, plus SI 3 for a local point. You might also think about using moxa at some of the SI points.


Thanks, I will try this. I also plan to try some ear points for finger, shen men (she is agitated about it), sympathetic, maybe point 0. I appreciate your help. It’s an interesting and challenging case to say the least.

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