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Coating on tongue


Hello, i have a white film on my tongue that gets worse as i eat dairy. My dentist said that it is most likely candida. I brush my tongue but tongue still gets coated after some time. Is there any way i can get rid of this. I have tried eliminating dairy and drinking ginger tea and oil pulling but none of these have helped. Are there any medications that can help.
Here are pics before brushing tongue and after.


The easiest answer in most cases is to not eat dairy. An additional coating when having dairy is quite common and while dairy is debatable health wise that coating doesn’t mean much when you can tie it directly to eating certain items.

Your tongue does have signs of general dampness in Chinese Medicine - which loosely translates as weaker digestion and systemic inflammation potentials. There are a host of formulas which deal with this, many of the more common ones are discussed on our “digestive issues treatment” page.

Which one is right for you is best coming from a practitioner you can consult with locally in your area as it would be based on much more than just your tongue - see “treating the cause vs. the symptoms” and “my spleen is what?” for more general information.

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