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Cluster migraines


Wondering what others experiences are with migraines. I have a 54 yo female post menapausal patient coming in who has had migraines for the last year. The little I know she has a very sensitive digestion and takes pepsid 2x/day. Thats all I know right now.



In the future, please try searching our site before posting. A previous question has been answered here, a longer thread here, and our general TCM treatment section is here. If there is something within these posts or treatment protocols that you do not understand or have found doesn't work as we propose, then feel free to discuss it within that particular thread. In other words, try asking when you haven't been able to successfully treat the person - first describing what you diagnosed, what you tried and for how long, what changed and what didn't. With this approach we can have a deeper discussion that has a direct effect of improving your patient rather than a hypothetical one which may or may not help.


Previous case was somewhat complicated involving fertility and migraines on 1/26/07

Go easy on the lad.

He has straight cluster headache pt, with NO fertility problems

Would you discuss migraines in general?????/




The first post referenced above has the answer that I would give. That response is very general and appropriate based on this question and incidentally was the first response that appeared when searching the site. My response was in part to remind people that we do have a search engine and there is often an answer to their questions tucked into the site somewhere. Furthermore, based on the posters previous questions they have been quite general requiring posters to write back and ask for more information. If practitioners would like to discuss their cases in detail we need to start at least with a diagnosis and some general reasoning for that diagnosis. It is unprofessional and unethical for anyone to offer a treatment recommendation based on no diagnostic information.

General discussions are problematic as they don't really answer the practitioners questions nor do they respect the unique tailoring ability of Chinese Medicine. Practitioners will grow from knowing in detail what they did and why and if the results are not good, knowing what else they tried that worked and why it worked. Migraines in particular are very hard to discuss in general terms as there are many causes (neck problems, circulatory issues, brain chemistry imbalances, hormones, etc.). Even from a Chinese perspective there are many patterns. That said, a TCM practitioner should never treat a person without first diagnosing a pattern. So, when a practitioner has a pattern they can better, or more directly rather, discuss appropriate points and/or changes to their initial diagnosis if appropriate. The treatment article referenced above for headaches has the majority of the most common patterns and points that you will find (they are generally the same for migraines, cluster headaches, tension headaches, etc.) and the post referenced above has what we use in addition to points that balance their overall imbalance.

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