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Cluster headaches (suicide headaches)


I would like hear from any practitioner who has successfully treated any patients with this condition


What would you like to hear? Are you a practitioner? Just generally interested? Something else?

If you are a practitioner, remember that you start by forgetting completely about the western terms (i.e. “cluster headaches”) as this is essentially meaningless within the framework of Chinese Medicine. As with any condition you treat what you see in Chinese Medicine terms. But if you will provide general diagnostic information and what you have tried and what results you have we may be able to fine tune your treatments.

If you are just generally interested, all types of headaches/migraines generally respond well to properly applied Chinese Medicine (acupuncture, herbal medicine, etc.). But you should be prepared to give a practitioner something on the order of 3 months at least generally speaking - not knowing anything about your particular case.


Thanks Chad,My friend’s concern is that he will have to get ‘worse before he gets better’,and this is something to be avoided at all costs. What path now?Anne Wright


I’m not sure what you are asking? Are you just assuming you will have to get worse before it gets better (90% of the time this is not true at all btw). And what do you mean by “what path now?” - to answer that you would have to tell me what paths you have tried. Are you simply not trying proper Chinese Medicine because of some idea of the path of healing?


All headaches can be eliminated or in the very least, reduced. Even these extremely painful headaches you describe. First course of action is too eliminate any complicating exacerbating factors such as dental infections or ear infections or medication side effects . These can often refer and be experienced as a headache. Next, determine if allergic reaction is present. Could be a food/drink/ environmental sensitivity. Once these all ruled out or remedied, most headaches can be immediately reduced by treating the liver/gallbladder and stomach meridians with acupuncture. I hope this is helpful and wish your friend speedy relief. FYI - I have treated hundreds of " difficult to treat" headaches in my practice. All were eliminated or greatly reduced, with the exception of one in a patient who could not tolerate even the most gentle of acupuncture treatments and therefore abandoned treatment. Good luck.


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