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Clotty menstrual blood for months after IUD removal?


I had an IUD in for 3-4 months last year, then had it removed because it was causing heavy/long periods, and for wanting a baby. Ever since then (about 10 months) I’ve had clotty menstrual cycles. My OB seems mostly unconcerned.
I’ve been receiving acupuncture for about 4 months now due to early miscarriages this year and for fertility. My last period I didn’t really have clots but this one I have, one was very large (almost gold ball size) but I’ve had almost no cramping. This is my 2nd cycle after the last miscarriage. Also I’m on baby aspirin as a precaution by my OB.

Could the IUD have caused a problem with my endometrium?
Could the reason behind the clotty blood be causing my miscarriages?
Will the acupuncture eventually help the clotty cycles?


Your acupuncturist is really the person to ask as they are more deeply familiar with your medical history and your signs and symptoms from a Chinese and Western perspective.

To answer generally, however, yes the IUD, particularly if it was copper, is known to cause heavy bleeding. The clotty blood is not “causing” your miscarriages, but the damage to the internal tissue may be contributing, or you have other issues that are far deeper than that (these are the ones your acupuncturist should have better clues about).

And, yes, acupuncture is very well applied to the entire range of menstrual issues and fertility issues. That said, if you are have frequent miscarriages - it’s not uncommon to have rougher cycles, heavier, possibly more clots, more cramping for 1-3 cycles following each miscarriage. But, again, your acupuncturist should be able to discuss this with you more deeply as they will be in a much better position to ascertain whether your menstrual issues seem like they arise from a deeper more historical set of factors, more from the IUD, or more from the miscarriages - and, obviously, all are involved.


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