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Clearing toxins from blood. help needed!


Hi all.

Just wondering if anyone has any experience in using points to eliminate toxins from the blood. My patient has had mild psoriasis for 2 years on scalp and elbows. she is 25. last week she got a sudden invasion and it has spread all over her body from head to toe. it is very itchy and bleeds when scratched. it is dry and flaky. she has not changed her diet the only thing she can think of is 1 month ago she got a large tatoo covering half of her back. Could this be the reason? im thinking it could be toxins in the blood so she has started a detox of consuming only fruit and veg over 3 days but i want to needle her to help her along. Can anyone recommend points? She is Tai-Yang, Fire constitution with a fire/water hand.

any comments would be appreciated thank-you :)


Yes, the tatoo is an extremely likely reason and she should probably get blood work done to look for infections as you may or may not be seeing psoriasis but hepatitis or some other more systemic infection. Points wise you should first be certain of the cause and what you are treating. SP 10 is often a useful point for clearing heat in the blood and there are others, but those would depend largely on your diagnosis, possibly PC 8 if the heart fire is involved. Herbal wise xiao feng wan, possibly with gan bing zhi ben wan to help clear the liver might be appropriate.


thankyou for your help Chad i will advise her to get bloods checked. i dont have acces to herbs is there points that would do the same work in clearing the Liver?

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