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Clearing Personal Space of intrusions

How to shield and cleanse one’s energy Xi , body , “ personal space “ , and home from intrusions .
Also specifically re protecting / shielding one’s crown chakra .

And the forth through sixth chakras … OR , after advising for the seventh , is the best means for clearing and balancing all chakras / meridians , to be found in Chad’s referring Tai Chi , Dao Yin ,
& Qi Gong ? Specifics ?
Thank You !

This has come up multiple times on this forum and often with some more intense discussion. While I might phrase it differently at this point, my general input is in a response to a similar question many years ago - Emotional energy transference - #2 by Chad_Dupuis . In short, for practitioners your overall health is imperative to maintain and, ideally, strengthen and at least within the confines of being an acupuncturist and/or “eastern” based energy healer the best ways to do this are qigong and/or tai chi and meditation (along with proper emotional care, diet, etc.).

Most importantly, in my opinion, for any practitioner - particularly newer ones - is to find another more experienced practitioner whom you can see both gets results and enjoys their life and attach yourself to their hip for as many years as they will let you do so.

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Thank You, Chad ! ‘Shall study your linked article . And , {a p.s. adding , later same day : I have found QiGong as you recommended , with your Tom Tam ! }
‘ re dietary , your recommendations are ever-welcomed. And as observed ,
Long-needed ,
new hopes following our new moon

The following was this morning’s initial reply message
Specific recommendations , selecting among QiGong practices (and possibly among dietary formats ) … for in this case a KUA 2 individual.
I did see an early note by you referring to a rigorous QiGong practice., which appears contrary to this my “constitution “. (Have found a video Chinese female practicing 12 or 8 Brocades ; an app with fine Classical Chinese male 7 Minute Tai Chi). Are these in keeping with your recommendation, or would you advise specifically otherwise )
Heartfelt Appreciation,
? Dietary … specific TCM for KUA 2 individual? Do you include KUA studies / references in your community of genius es ?

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