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Clarification regarding needling all mother points


Dear sir/madam,

This is a research type question. I planned to needle myself in the following manner.

first day - all mother points

second day - all son points

third day - all leo connecting points.

I want to know what wil happen in my body.

Will I face any problem by needling in the above manner?

suggestion please.

yours faithfully,



There is no way to know what will happen with your body, but needling without training and proper point selection is a horrible idea. There is absolutely no reason whatsoever to needle random collections of points on your own body.


Mother Points are for tonify internal organs&#39 energy, Son points are for sedate internal organs&#39 energy, Luo connection points are for Yin Yang internal organs&#39 energy balance. So, what you want to needling them? Tonify+Sedate(Mother points+Son points)=neutralization energy, Yin energy+Yang energy(Luo points)=neutralization energy also. That mean you do nothing :)

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