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Clarification about electric stumilation on LU9


Dear sir/madam

My friend who is an acupuncturist says that electric stumilation should not be given to the point LU9 since it is concerned with blood vessel. I totally disagree with it. I am very much thankful if I am clarified whether electric stumilation can be given to the point LU9.

Yours faithfully,



Lu9 just on the side of radial artery, very near radial nerve also, the needle depth is 0.2-0.3 cun, so I am not suggest ES on it. And Lu9 is mother point, it is usually use in tonify way for lung problem, ES needling ususlly is strong stimulate the points for sedate way, not good for tonify way.


Not to do electric stimulation. Too close to radial artery and can cause thrombosis in the artery with resultant circulation problem and pain.


When we puncture LU9 there is every chance of damaging radial artery or radial nerve as the position of these sensitive items varies slightly from person to person. I personally feel all such points which are more vulnerable due to viscinity of arteries, veins, nerves or other sensitive organs can be stimulated by TENS pads. This avoids any chance of damage to anything else and the points are stimulated safely.

However experts comments in this matter are welcome.


I couldn&#39t disagree more with this statement. This is exactly why acupuncturists, just like other medical professionals, are properly trained. Injury to an artery from a fully trained practitioner is essentially unheard of. TENS pads are not acupuncture in any way shape or form and should not be used as a replacement for poor technique, particularly on areas where they are contraindicated.


Thank you very much for the guidence. This statement was made only in the interest of patients&#39 safty when the accupuncturist is not very confident. However I fully agree with you.

Thanks once again.

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