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Clarification about acupuncture point for diabetes


Dear sir/madam,
My patients condition is as follows.
He is suffering from chronic type I diabetes with blood sugar value is 330 at fasting when he does not take insulin. He took insulin (30ml + 30 ml) morning and evening daily. I started my acupuncture treatment and advised to reduced to take insulin to 10 ml morning only. After taking acupuncture treatment his blood sugar level was rapidly reduced to 170 at fasting. I used the following points for the treatment
SP4, SP6, UB23, ST36,UB20, KD3. After completing 40 days his blood sugar is not reduced further and his blood sugar level is in between 170-180 constantly. Is there additional point to be needled? Please suggest.
Yours faithfully,


What is his diagnosis in TCM terms? What do his tongue and pulse show and how have they changed since beginning treatment? Have you read our acupuncture for diabetes section?


Are you an endocrinologist? Reducing someone&#39s insulin regimine is very delicate. This is not type 2 you are dealing with. I am impressed that the fasting glucose has been reduced but type 1 cannot be controlled with acupuncture alone. (My 7 year old son is type 1)


Please be cautious of the tone and implied judgement of your post. The poster clearly states that this is Type I diabetes and nowhere does he state that he is trying to cure Type I with acupuncture alone. You do not need to be an encocrinologist to work with patients and adjust their insulin levels. Nor do the vast majority of endocrinologists know how to apply acupuncture or even in vague terms what the effects are. Furthermore as this is a global website it should be kept in mind that standards and access to care vary widely across the globe and in many places acupuncture is used (and rightfully so) to help alleviate the high cost/poor availability of western medicines. Also in many countries, acupuncturists are western trained physicians. Your assumption that this person is on the edge of breaking some sort of medical standard of care and/or the patient is not in consultation with a physician is inappropriate, irrelevant, and judgemental. Beyond that, the vast majority of Type I patients we treat are so on top of what they need from day to day (children aside) that they are better judges of what is happening than any physician or test can provide. Either way, my point remains, your post does nothing to aid this poster or our readers. Please try to keep your posts relevant and helpful to the discussion at hand. If you have some experience to offer via point prescriptions or other techniques relevant to Chinese Medicine we welcome them heartily.


You are absolutely correct, I responded quickly and without much thought at all. Thank you for taking the time to respond. I apologize to both the original poster (kulandaivelu) and to you - and the forum, as well.

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