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Chronic weight loss


Dear Sirs, my sister has been loosing weight for the last 7 years; she becomes thinner and thinner and looks bony now; she 70+ old now; she could not digest any type of food; her motion shows indigested food; not diahrriea; only once a day she goes for motion; checked with many doctors; some doctors treated for TB; liver test, pancreatic test etc. finally the doctors have told that her digestive enzymes; organisms that help digestion in the stomach totally wiped off due to intake of so many medicies; so her disgestion and absorption is very very poor; so the body takes the stored protein, fat, carbohydrates etc, from her body; becoming thinner and thinner.

The amazing thing is , she is very active like any normal healthy woman, doing all household chores

walks briskly; carries grandchildren for hours together etc.etc.

my question is what acupuncture points or su jok points can be stimulated.



This has reference to my question submitted on 31/08/2012 on the subject matter.

Can any esteemed acupunturist guide me ??

Thanks, R.S.Lekshminaarayanan.


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