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Chronic Vaginal Discharge

It’s been happening for about 4 years, gotten worse in the last 2 years, got diagnosed with BV but has not been on any antibiotics to clear it. There is a fishy/musty odor to it, the consistency is almost like thin milky white sometimes with a tinge of yelllow or grey ness to it. There is no itching or burning. I am currently pregnant with my 2nd (in my 2nd trimester) and would really like to do what I can to help with this condition. It is really frustrating and discouraging.
My hands and feet are always icy cold, I live in a damp environment, yes I love damp and spicy foods, I will do my part to cut back on them. People always say that I look pale/sick. Everything else is generally well, perhaps some emotional stress every now and then.
Pulse: slow all my life (40bpm or less), slippery
Tongue: Always with a thick white coat, slight swollen, sometimes with red tip.
My question is: are there any acupoints that I can do or perhaps moxa?

Have you had any western bloodwork - particularly thyroid and/or hormone levels? If so, anything out of the ordinary? Have you done Chinese herbs at all yet? If so, what have you done and with what result?

Generally speaking some of your deeper issues would do best with herbs and acupuncture, but the acupuncture would likely be more over 4-9 months than any short term response. Herbs for the discharge would be the most useful but they would vary and would best be chosen by a practitioner who can check pulse and ask more detailed questions.

Our page on leukorrhea treatment with TCM has potential acupuncture point, entire diagnostic based protocols and many of the more commonly used herbal formulas. If you are truly kidney yang deficient - perhaps something like bi xie fen qing yin would help clear the discharge, but you should consult directly with a practitioner to ensure you are starting with the right root diagnosis.

Hi Chad! Thanks for writing back!
I run a comprehensive bloodwork regularly with my integrative doc and everything seems normal.
I have undergone a 2 months protocol with herbs and acu for my first genital herpes outbreak, using 5 different formulas and weekly acu that cured me quickly and hasn’t reoccurred yet.
The middle of my stomach is also often cold to touch. With all my signs, is it wrong if I’m thinking of a Damp Cold?

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