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Chronic UTI's in elderly women.

I have several patients that are 80 and above that have chronic, and I do mean chronic UTI’s.
They have caregivers that are aware of the importance of good hygiene so I think we have that area covered. They are a population that will only use Antibiotics if absolutely necessary and with these women they become extremely ill with the UTI’s.
Is their a powerful remedy that will prevent bacterial growth . Also note most are type 2 diabetics as well. We have treat with Uva Ursi, echinacea and goldenseal as a tea, and even an extract…
This is not helping, Of course gut flora is wiped out, probiotics on board, but yeast becomes another issue, and the entire circle of issues to the upper and lower systems emerge.
Thanks so much!

While you always have to tailor to the individual to properly apply Chinese herbal medicine, there are generally two standouts that are often used in these cases - san jin wan and/or ba zheng wan (sometimes uses together, sometimes separately, and somewhat often with other formulas to help tailor to the individual). Many of the commonly used formulas are listed on our UTI treatment page in the related formulas section.

While not that useful of a read, the following meta-analysis (here) discusses some of the relevant research and applications.

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