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Chronic UTI Treatments


I am getting Chronic UTI with citrus smelling urine and pressure discomfort in abdomen. I get this after sex and my menstrual cycle. I am getting tired of medical antibiotics and the suggestion of staying on a low dosage. Any thoughts on what I can do?


You will always do best to consult with a Chinese Medicine practitioner in your area as treatments and formula choices are tailored directly to you (not your condition) - see “how to choose a formula” and “treating the cause and not the symptoms” for more on that.

Our UTI treatment page has many of the more commonly used options. Not how you would choose it, but a very commonly used formula is san jin wan which in clinical studies compared with the normal western antibiotic treatment generally is 30+ percent more effective (from memory one study found antibiotics about 73% effective, san jin wan with antibiotics about 85% effective and san jin wan alone about 93% effective). More importantly, at least in my clinical experience, is that we see not just relatively quick resolution of the acute issues but far less future occurrences (none in many cases).

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