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Chronic Sinusitis



I have suffering from chronic Sinusitis. Mornings and Evenings are particularly bad. Allopathy has recommended Surgery but I have gone down the route of Allergy testing ( apparently I am allergic to 40+ different foods) and also have air Bourne allergies. I am starting with Immunisation + Neutralisation and it’s a 2-5 year process. Other option is to be on Anti histamines every day.
I have also researched Homepathy and am in parallel exploring that option.
What are your views on this? Do you think Acupuncture would help re this?
Also I have been suffering from excessive hair loss more or less since the allergies started
Initially I thought they were two separate issues but now I think they might be interrelated.
Any help or pointers would be amazing as I have just started on his journey of trying to fix the source rather than the symptoms.

Thank you in advance ARhopeful


The short answer is, yes, Chinese Medicine both acupuncture and Chinese herbal medicine is extremely helpful and very commonly treats allergies, sinusitis and that entire range of issues. Some of our general pointers is on our sinusitis treatment page (somewhat more relevant for practitioners).

My articles on self-help for seasonal allergies discusses some of the relevant basics from a Chinese Medicine perspective. I think the biggest disconnect between the western approach and the eastern approach is in the value (or meaning) or allergy testing. For the most part when your body is inflamed and in an alarm state you are more than likely going to respond to all types of “allergens”. That is just what the body is going to do when it is in that state. The harder your body is struggling to make sense out of these stimulations, the more that you are going to show up as “allergic” to. If people went to the allergist when they are symptom free - this is obviously less likely - but that’s not when they go.

The general idea from the Chinese side (as you can’t possibly remove all trees, grass, etc.) is to calm the response factors to allow the body to be comfortable and non-reactive to what it is exposed to. We do that by stopping inflammatory markers and strengthening systems in the body that Chinese Medicine views as contributing to these responses when they are weak. Not by constantly adjusting the body to stimulations by overloading it like they do with western allergy treatments.

I treat a very broad range of folks with these issues and most have already been down the allergy treatment road for years to decades before they finally make it in to see me for Chinese Medicine treatment. For the most part they are improved within 2-3 months and greatly improved over a course of possible a year. I have many patients who simply do not have allergies anymore and I practice in one of the worst cities in the country for allergies.

Now all that said, while there are a few formulas like Xin Yi Qing Fei Wan or Bi Yan Wan that will likely get people started in the right direction. The absolute best response will be to see a practitioner, obtain a proper Chinese Medicine diagnosis and treatment tailored to that (see “Treating the cause and not the symptoms” for more on that).

Ultimately with some dietary change and proper Chinese Medicine treatment you should be fine. Better symptoms wise in the short run and very limited issues overall in the long run.

When you mention your hair loss, this is one reason why seeing a practitioner is best. We take all of your issues and relationships in the body into consideration. Generally hair loss is either from thyroid issues (although the thyroid may test fine) or from what we call spleen blood deficiency (see “My spleen is what?” for more on that). A weak spleen system in Chinese Medicine (essentially your digestive/metabolic system) can definitely be behind some of the inflammatory and reactionary factors leading to allergy issues.


Thank you ever so much for your detailed answer. Do you think I could make an appointment to see you?
I did go to a recommended Acupuncture practitioner today and I actually feel worse a couple of hours after the treatment.
Would that be normal?
Thanks again for your time!


If you are in the Chattanooga area, you could certainly see me. You can see more about my clinic here, or schedule online.

That said, nearly any acupuncturist should be able to take care of you with this range of issues. And, yes, it is very likely to feel much worse for a few hours to a day after the first couple treatments. Primarily because it makes all the mucus move and it doesn’t yet have a clear path to release. Generally you will expect more improvement after the 3-5 treatment range.


Chad, I live in Asia, not sure why I thought your clinic was based here. I sincerely thank you for taking the time out to reply to my questions.

Allopathy isn’t working for me so I am on a journey to find relief the natural way. Hopefully I’ll get somewhere. Hope I can write to you to understand that a bit more from time to time.

Thanks again!


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