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Chronic otitis media


I hope someone here can give me some guidance on creating an appropriate formula.

I have a patient (35 years old) who has chronic otitis media, the discharge is thick, has a foul odor and sits in the ear, he also has small nodules on both eyelids, above and below, I believe they are called Chalazions. He also suffers from lower back pain, low grade fever and indigestion.

His tongue has a normal to red colour but has a geographic coating, with some teeth marks on the sides. The coating is yellow.

I believe Zi Shen Tong Qi Wan formula may be appropriate but am worried it may be too cool and potentially injure the spleen.

Does anyone have any thoughts?


Tongue photo of patient


To start what is your diagnosis in TCM terms? What have you tried and what did you expect to happen that didn&#39t? Are you only treating them with herbs for some reason? As opposed to acupuncture or a combination?

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