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Chronic nose/sinus problems

It all started year and a half ago when i had some sort of infection where i had temperature around 38 and rly runny nose that made me sneeze and couch. It lasted for 2 weeks and stoped. Since then i have problems with my nose it seems like it doesnt work anymore properly one of my nostrils are always blocked ive done ct scan of head and everything is fine virus and bacterial analazis are also negative and blood results are good i ignored it until i got some sort of infection again in my nose it keeps bulding up doesnt want to produce mucus as it should or should i say it doesnt want to drain properly and when it gets too filled it drains in my mouth. My main symptons are fatigue, pressure in sinuses, earringing,

I would strongly suggest you find an acupuncturist who also practices Chinese herbal medicine in your area and work closely with them. The level of personal details, besides basic symptoms, required to really ensure you are getting proper treatment is just not appropriate to obtain in a public forum. That said, from the general input provided a combination of two herbal formulas - xiao chai hu tang and qing bi wan for 5-7 weeks would be a probable starting point.

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