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Chronic lower back pain


Any advice on the Empirical Points for chronic lower back pain?


For low back pain and empirical points, please read the low back pain treatment section.


Having read this, the patient has chronic lower back pain that moves, seemingly related to activities,on either or both sides, in the area L1-5, and sometimes slightly higher. No shooting pains from the back to the legs. Would the Yaotongxue Acupuncture Point and SI 3, be the best starting points along with dosing of Shen Tong Zhu Yu Tang?


Yaotongxue and SI 3 w/UB 62 would all be important points, but the treatment would involve many more common points as well. You should consider a broad range of points as the article recommends, possibly needling of the huatuo points in the lower back based on your understandings of their usage.

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