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Chronic Limb Ischemia


A lady of 62 years. Diabetics for 23 years but under control.Now for the past 5 years she gets severe leg ache in the calves with about 150 steps of walking. When she rests for 5 minutes she can walk again. She is suffering. Western Medicine diagnosed it to be chronic Limb Ischemia and suggested Angioplasty to be followed by Angiogram. She delayed the proceeding for a month and came to do Acupuncture.

I worked with ST 36, SP6, K 3,LU 9, ST 41, UB 66, H7,P 7. ST 36 was applied daily by the patient. After a month in the Angioplasty she did not have any blocks.There was no Angioplasty. The doctors were surprised.

The lady is experiencing the same difficulty in walking. Will she develop gangerene? Is there a way out in Acupuncture to broaden her Femur arteries or any other cures physical, metaphyical or spiritual?


So in one month you completely cleared her circulatory blockages according to her western doctors? Are you saying, then, that this had no impact on the leg ache, or did that get better for a time and then return? What medications is she on? From a western perspective this is usually related to potassium imbalances/deficiency which many western drugs and even Chinese herbals can contribute to.


There was no blockage in the flow as per Angiogram done and the doctors advised her to return after 6 months for a re-check up. She was prescribed "Trendon, Ecospirin, Shelkel, Tribet( For Diabetes) and Omega 111. She was also advised for brisk walking. She could not take all medicines as it upset her stomach and she comes even now. The fact is there was no block but she still has severe ache and cannot walk more than 50 steps. I am feeling helpless.The arteries have narrowed due to deposits, But how to remove the clogs in arteries with Acupuncture?


What are you doing now treatment/points wise?

  1. The first needle is GV-20 to calm and soothe the patient.
  2. The second is pulse balancing done in two ways. I take the Earth pulse and find out whether EARTH\AIR or EARTH\WATER is dominant
    WOOD\AIR or WOOD\WATER is dominant( This is done in a special way as taught to us and the results are excellent. You need to use only one point).

IN this patient’s case I also look at all the pulses and balance it according to the Creative and Control Cycle.
3. Three to Four points are chosen from the following list.

ST 36 general tonification and to speed up movement
SP 6 tonification for blood
H 7 tonification for arteries
GB 20 tonification.of Greater Trochanter muscles
LU 9 tonification for Blood Circulation
TW 6 sedation to reduce heat.
UB 23 tonification for Kidney
SP 5 to remove blocks
UB 67 to remove toxins
GB-38 or GB 34 for tonification of Muscles
LU 7 for improved breathing.

The advice given is to increase intake of ginger, garlic,pomegraneate and brisk walking for half an hour thrice in a week.The treatment done is thrice a week. Now she is made to use the blood circulation machine also.

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