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Chronic kidney disease need help


i am stage two ckd patent creatinine level is 1.4 its rage is 0.6 to 1.3. i feel burning and cold sensation in my foot and hand and both are sweating too i applied kd3 and kd7 points sp6 and liv 3 points creatinine level reduced to 1.2 but burning in foot wasn’t reduced any buddy please help me with this…


What is the cause? Are you diabetic? Have hypertension? You need to treat the root cause to get effective treatment. The burning is likely neuropathy from another cause (diabetes?). So you have to treat the cause and some of the side effects of that cause. This can take 6 months to 2 years of regular treatment to resolve in general. And that’s with proper diet and lifestyle change and possibly with western medicine as well as appropriate. You should find a practitioner locally and work with them - this is not something a layperson will people able to resolve on their own.


i am non diabetic and i don’t have hypertension i checked the way i joined diploma in acupuncture course. i thought you people can help me to resolve this because we don’t find good acupuncture practitioner in India most of the material i grabbed from your site


What is your blood sugar? and what is an average blood pressure for you? What do you think the cause is? If you are taking an acupuncture course, why would you not ask one of your instructors for a proper Chinese Medicine diagnosis and treatment. And if you don’t feel they are qualified, why would you study with them? Long story short, you need a proper diagnosis from a Chinese Medicine perspective using your medical history, current and past signs and symptoms, tongue diagnosis, pulse diagnosis, etc. If you can get someone to properly diagnose you, then the points and/or herbal formulas you would need are easier to choose. Choosing points for symptoms will not help you. At the very least you could submit a picture of your tongue, which might help us to get in the right direction.

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