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Chronic Infections


My client has presented with: mastitis, five throat infections including strepp throat & tonsilittis, flu, sinusitis, conjuctivitis and viral menengitis - all within the last nine months. All of these infections occured within 3-4 weeks of her giving birth to her first child. She is also low in Vit D, Vit K and iron. I suspect she picked up a bug in the hospital which is travelling around her system. Does anyone have any ideas?


What does she have from a TCM diagnostic perspective?


The mastitis is because of the birth baby suck broken the mother&#39s nipple cause inflammation and whole body&#39s inflammation active. Use points: Pc 6, Gb21, St 16, 18, 36. for liver Qi stagnation add: Lv3, Li4, 11. for Stomach heat add: St44.


Thank you for your suggestions. To clarify my first post, the mastitis was the first infection to occur (last Nov) which then transmorphed to the other infections, each in turn. The last & most recent was the menegitis. All infections are within a fluid or mucous area of the body. Other condition is PCOS & had glandular fever when 16 leaving susceptible to thraot infections ongoing.


I am not a fully qualified TCM practicioner. My practice is primarily reflexology & auriculartherapy incorporating accupressure and some moxibustion.


For PCOS points: Zi Gong, St29, Sp10, Sp6, Ren4,6, St36, Lv3 etc, the menegitis main symdrone is headach add: Du20, Tai Yang, Pc 6, Li4, Gb20, 21 etc..


I strongly suggest that you refer this patient to a properly trained practitioner. Because of the strong diagnostic tools within Chinese Medicine, practitioners can begin to make sense out of these complicated cases without chasing after random symptoms/conditions.

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