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Chronic general anxiety disorder and dizziness (swaying)


Hi; I have chronic general anxiety disorder and I feel like I'm drunk when walking. It's been 16 months going on 17. I've talked to many doctors and many people the have never heard of this and didn't know how to treat me. I'm loosing hope and live a torchured cruel life. Has anybody experienced this if so, do you know if acupuncture will help me. I'm so frustrated and cry hysterically everyday. I don't even sleep well, I never get 8 hours sleep, it's always 3 to 5 hours. Please if you know anything I need help!!!!!


Anxiety disorders and all related symptoms, including dizziness/vertigo, are commonly and well treated with Chinese Medicine - acupuncture and herbs. You should consult with a practitioner locally and in most cases within 6-10 treatment you will be well on your way to feeling better. This range of conditions is one of many where Chinese Medicine excels in my opinion and clinical experience.

Dizziness is a common part of many underlying patterns (see "What Does Acupuncture Treat?") - many of those patterns are also related to a range of psychological conditions. So in Chinese Medicine the dizziness actually helps to clarify your underlying causes rather than confuse the issue like it seems to have in western medical circles.


I&#39m sorry but have you ever treated anybody this severe? When I say chronic I mean chronic anxious all the time and every time I walk I feel like I&#39m drunk, there is no reprieve from this horrible illness. Thank you.


Again, it is extremely commonly treated. And what other options do you realistically have that would make this very viable modality a non starter for you?

As for treatment responses, yes, as acupuncture is generally the last stop for everyone on the medical wheel so to speak - I have seen just about the worst possible variant of nearly any case you can think of at this point. Honestly, the degree of imbalance or severity of symptoms in people is no indicator of how hard or easy it will be to treat. Generally, anxiety disorders are rarely mild anyhow as they build on themselves in very unproductive ways.

My experience is probably not as relevant, however, as you will need to find someone in your local area to help you. Most practitioners experiences are going to be generally close to mine with regards to treating psychological issues.


Whether using Chinese Medicine or Western Medicine, it is very difficult to diagnose without actually seeing you. I think the best we can do on here it to say if acupuncture is worth trying, and to generally inform you about what you can expect from a practitioner and treatment.

Please find a properly qualified acupuncturist - not a doctor or physio or osteo, but someone with full training (at least 3 years) and some experience after qualifying. As Chad points out, you have more than one condition that needs addressing, and this means you need a practitioner who can work with you as the layers &#39peel back&#39. This is normal for our practice, but what we cannot say is what will be found under those layers. We also cannot say what your treatment will be. When your acupuncturist spends time with you, takes your pulse, looks at your tongue, gets a full history, they will be able to decide what you need and for how long.

I think you should expect good results from acupuncture, provided you make sure it is delivered by a proper practitioner.

Good luck!


Yeoman said the truth: without seeing you in person, it&#39s almost impossible to give accurate diagnosis. The western disease name doesn&#39t mean anything to TCM. What I mean is western medical and TCM are like a painter and a musician, they speak different art languges, even though they all create art.

I agree that you need to find a qualified local acupuncturist. Check with your local TCM/acupuncturists association to see whether acupuncture/TCM is regulated. When you go to see an acupuncturist, ask for his/her license or training diploma/certificate. Try to avoid the charopractors who only had about 200 hours training, they don&#39t have enough TCM concept knowledge, but they can apply some simple points acupuncture in their offices. A formal acupuncturist needs more than 1900 hours of training (in Alberta), not just 200 hours.

Chinese herbs may also work. Combined with acupuncture and Chinese herbs, you may see result faster. But again, you need to find a qualified TCM practioner/doctor.

Good luck!


GROUND. The kidney meridian is your grounding wire. It is the only meridian that starts on the bottom of the foot. Kidney 1 is also called "Bubbling Spring." If you walk barefoot on the earth and have learned to ground your energy, you might actually feel the bubbling sensation from which this point gets its name. If your kidney meridian can&#39t reach the Earth where is it going to put that fear/anxiety energy? It will just keep re-cycling in the energy field.

Every organ has an associated sense organ. Ears are the sensory organ outlet for the kidneys, so your anxiety, your ear issue, and lack of grounding are related. Further, you say the ear issue is a nerve problem. Kidney&#39s yang partner is bladder, which is associated with the nervous system.

"Where’s my belt? is an excellent grounding exercise which activates the belt flow. Here is a video demonstration but note that he should take his hands down the leg where his hands landed instead of switching to the opposite leg so that the energy flow is not interrupted http://www.yout" .

EFT is a useful tool for treating fear and anxiety. You can find many places on the web where this is explained. It can also be applied to release other symptoms. Sometimes I think because it is effective because it gives you a space to say those things you fear out loud while you change the energy in relation to those thoughts. EFT activates all the meridians as you tap.

Clearing the Root chakra and the vortex revival at the bottoms of the soles of the feet also helps to enhance the earth connection which is so essential, for that is the source of yin energy that is needed for healing to occur.

Spleen is the earth element yin organ. It is an essential part of the immune system, as well as being on the control cycle for kidney. In other words, you really need to enhance spleen energy to reduce stress and support kidney and help your body resolve these symptoms.

There&#39s a wonderful bumper sticker: Don&#39t believe everything you think That certainly applies to anxiety, which is projection into the future (whereas regret is projecting into the past. Anything you can do to be present in the present will be help.

None of these self-care suggestions preclude visiting a licensed acupuncturist. But they indicate things you can do for yourself that will help your body have more of the resources it needs to be able to return to homeostasis. Whenever we have symptoms - whether they are manifesting on the physical, emotional, or spiritual realms, they indicate that the body/mind is out of balance.

Good luck and happy healing to you.

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