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Choosing a book to learn point location


Hello, I have to choose a Christmas book and I'm torn between two..

I just starting in my journey of point location and I was considering buying Peter Deadman's book as the descriptions of point location looked very good. However I notice on another school reading list they choose Practice of Acupuncture; point location, treatment options, TCM basics (Thieme) Hecker et al. I wonder if anyone has the latter and what they think of it?

I am a first year student and my course textbook is Chinese Acupuncture and Moxibution (yellow cover). I also purchased Foundations of Chinese Medicine G. Maciocia for the more details description of basic theory and I have Ted Kaptchuk's book The Web.

Thank you


In my opinion the deadman text is probably the best acupuncture point text available. The graphics are quite good and there is lengthy research provided for each point. I also really like the Fundamentals of Chinese Acupuncture by Ellis, Wiseman, and Boss which is more concise, somewhat portable when compared to deadman's text particularly, and overall quite good work.

If you haven't seen our research section yet, there is fairly good list of the texts which we consider most important within.

All the best for your studies!

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