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Chinese weather theory


I just thought I would ask a question perhaps everyone would benefit from. It’s just turned fall. Ok there’s an organ for that. IDk for sure which but I’m thinking lung. This is the organ that disperses chi in all four directions. So what do we do for this organ to protect it? What do we eat? How far does this go traditionally? A certain room that is best for fall? (Feng Shei) In regards to health. That’s my concern.


From what I was taught in school the transition between seasons is technically the fifth season in the five phase theory. However that is but one interpretation so bear that in mind…however since that’s what I learned then it would be the spleen system that is currently in season, not the lungs. However the fall proper, if you will, is the season for the lungs. In terms of how to support the lung system again there are many different approaches depending on what theory or theories you choose to follow. In the more ‘traditional’ five phase system you strengthen each organ by focusing on it’s nourishing partner (in the case of the lungs this would be the spleen). We have a five element acupuncture page you can check out for more details.

Food therapy wise baking pears and drinking the juice is one of the best ways to strengthen the lungs, eating them has a much more mild effect. There are also multiple approaches to working with the lungs via essential oils, aromatherapy, homeopathy, etc.


It would probably be normal too in this season, since the large intestine is involved. For one to begin cleansing by going to the restroom a bit. I would think anyway. That is something I am noticing. That’s a possibility anyway.


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