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Chinese red ginseng root


Hello everyone; Has anyone had good results when taking Chinese red ginseng root as a herbal tea remedy for erectile dysfunction?

Your responses are greatly appreciated.

best regards;



If you click the link that was automatically created below your post for impotence (ED) you will find the Chinese formulas that we recommend for erectile dysfunction. Ginseng may be helpful (and is a part of most of those formulas) but on it&#39s own it is usually less effective than within a properly balanced (and properly prescribed) formula. The studies that I have seen using ginseng only for ED seem to be helpful when it is taken on a regular basis as opposed to what we see with the herbal formulas where they help to fully resolve the underlying imbalance.


Chinese ginseng is very strong energy for normal person, in china, it only for very sick people to use, even for almost dying person who want hold the life time or wait somebody or something.

In American most of the place weather is warmer than northern China, so use gensing is too hot and too strong for American people. The American ginseng ( Hua Qi Sheng) is more gentle energy even very popular in China.

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