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Chinese Mushroom


Hello to all, I hope i’m in the right place to ask my question.
I was in Thailand, and there in the Chinese market I bought a type of mushroom that the lady said are good for killing bacteria and good for the body, and kills cancer cells.
The problem is that I dont remember the name the lady told me, and I cant find this mushroom anywhere.
Im adding a picture, so if anyone knows what this mushroom is, what is it good for - and how to use it, I would love to know!
Thank you!


I’m not entirely sure what that is. The two most common mushrooms that have both antibacterial and anticancer properties would be shiitake and reishi. The color striations of the picture look like reishi, but that’s not reishi. Perhaps someone else will know.


Ganoderma amboinense sometimes commonly called tibet gandoderma grass.



Sorry “ganoderma” grass is related to lingzhi.


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