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Chinese Herbal remedies for increasing libido


Hello. I recently had a coil fitted and have noticed that I am not able to reach orgasm as I did very easily before. My desire for sex is always there but the rest doesnt happen! I have read that coils lower your testerone levels due to the progestens in them. I am also on Mirtazapine for treatment of anxiety. I would like advise on which of the many chinese herbs would be best for me. I am interested in the properties of horny goat weed, maca, and ginkgo biloba but can these all be taken together? I have battled acne in the past and have read that mis-prescribing can cause breakouts so any advice on combinations would be greatly appreciated!


I would recommend you start by reading a previous reply here - Erectile disfunction

While that topic is somewhat more about acupuncture points, the entire discussion is relevant to herbs as well - see “treating the cause vs the symptoms” and “how to choose an herbal formula” for more on this. In short, you don’t choose herbal formulas based on your symptoms. Our erectile dysfunction treatment page has some possibilities but these would be tailored to your true underlying diagnosis in Chinese Medicine terms. Further, it is somewhat rare that any Chinese herbalist will prescribe individual herbs like you are considering taking - far better results with better controls are had with formulas. This is why among many other reasons consulting directly with a practitioner is best.


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