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Chinese Herbal Medicine to Quit Smoking?


What herbal fromulas or formula would you recommend to quite smoking?


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You can't easily abrupt when in comes on quiting smoking. just do minimizing packs of cigar like in a day 5-7stick and dont think too much if you would like to smoke just divert your attention.


Personally we rarely use herbal formulas for smoking as the acupuncture alone appears to be the most effective. When smoking is coupled with other factors such as anxiety and/or depression, however, we may use herbal formulas in conjunction with acupuncture or on their own. For smoking that is strongly driven by anxiety we may use the CZ Herbal Formula which is a mild but extremely effective anti-anxiety formula. For women smokers who are driven by depression, we may use Shao Yao Wan if appropriate or something like the Emperor's Tonic (Tian Wan Bu Xin Wan) for people on the more yin deficient anxiety side.

And, yes, as I believe the previous commenter was saying, patients will do best when they genuinely want to quit as opposed to doing it for health reasons or because someone told them they should.

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