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Childbirth postpartum

I just gave birth not long ago and I realize I have facial edema. Edema only happening on my face but not my whole body . I was wondering what is the cause?Is it my spleen that’s weak or my heart ? I read that consumption of dang gui is not recommended for breastfeeding mums… this context is true in large doses or a small doses as well ? Because I’m blood deficient and I know consuming dang gui would help to invigorate the blood and mostly all the blood Tonifying formulas contain dang gui .

You don’t mention how long “not long ago” is, but postpartum swelling is fairly common and will usually resolve with time along with drinking more water, having potassium rich foods and light exercise if possible can usually speed the process up.

Not every symptom signifies a strong weakness, childbirth generally can be taxing to the body.

You should never take Chinese Herbal Medicine without consulting directly with a practitioner and certainly with simple speculation that you know your true diagnosis in Chinese Medicine terms. That said, properly prescribed, formulas that contain dang gui, when appropriate, are entirely find with breastfeeding. Generally speaking we simply have the intake of the herbs be immediately after breastfeeding or pumping and then they are largely limited in the body by the next feeding.

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