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I wolud like to ask, that I have a 4years old patient who has light runny nose and urgent urine, that is infection free. usually the urination is every 10minutes but during the nights max. only once.

Which acupuncture point will be fit for these?



Child urgent urine is because of kidney not stronger enough, spleen deficinecy, can not hold urination, if not other infection reason, the points: ub23, 28, ren3, sp6, kd3, sp9, st36, the needling should be short time or pull out at once after insert the needle(fast needling), and use shallow and light stimulate the points.


Could you share more signs and symptoms as well as tongue and pulse diagnosis. And are you saying the child only urinates once per night but then when they awake urinates every 10 minutes? For how long has this been happening? How long has the nose been runny? Any other related symptoms, coldness, weakness, developmental issues? From what you have offered it is difficult to offer anything useful. It would be helpful as well to know what treatment you have tried (points, herbs, etc.)....


Japanese acupuncture has a long tradition of pediatric acupuncture that does not require needle insertion. Once you hurt a 4 year old, i doubt you will get the opportunity to put another needle in them.

Shonishin techniques are mostly stroking, rubbing and touching techniques, and are applied with the parent holding the child in much the same way as if the child were being burped. The skin conveys information to the central nervous system. There is no reason to insert, or to use specific points. Stroking over the kidney area (low back), abdomen and leg meridians will be very helpful. In addition, indirect moxa over the same areas will prove excellent therapy, and most kids love the smoke.

Hope this is helpful.

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