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I'm very curious about chi. I heard that chi was a life force within air, that we recieve chi from the sun, the foods we eat, through sleeping etc. but recently someone said that chi and air are one and the same thing. I know that chi means air in Chinese, but it's also a life force.

Does anybody know if that's true? he told me I should join a martial arts group to experience chi...could it be that the martial art instructor be using chi in a different way that I always thought and believed? He recommended a book by Eric Yudelove, I forget the exact title but it went something like " a 100 days to better health, sex and longer life "..if anybodys familiar with that book please tell me what it says about chi in there. Thank you so much for your time.



You should start by reading my article on the various types of qi. Here you will see that what many refer to simply as Qi is actually a combination of multiple types of Qi including what we eat, the nourishment from the air, etc. Ultimately there are many levels to Qi and you should explore them with qigong and/or tai chi so that you have some first hand experience of what the ancients are speaking of. There are some good introductory texts within my qi gong and tai chi research section that may be helpful.

It is also important to not confuse the ayurvedic system of air with the Five Elements of Chinese Medicine.

There are many systems which are complete in and of themselves but they don't need to meet at every point to end up at the same result. When you work with the philosophical constructs of Chinese Medicine you need to be fairly precise in what exactly you are wanting to know. Comparing systems is generally a waste of effort, particularly when compared to fully understanding one and taking the time to find out where it leads you.


A daily practice of building & moving Chi is an alternative way for your body to feel well treated re-enerjized, light hearted, and for all spirits to become upLifted

When it comes to Chi its not so much what it is, as it is what it does!

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