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Chi meridian massage


Hello everyone; Is there a specific order to massage the 12 body chi meridians? That is, do you start with the lung and then the large intenstine for example. Is there a specific direction to massage the 12 body chi meridians; that is, do you massage in a direction from the first point on the meridian? For example, could you start from large intestine point one and move upwards along the meridian away from the starting point?

your response is greatly appreciated;



I first have to ask why would you massage all the meridians? More clearly, where or what did you read that indicated massaging all of the meridians would be beneficial to whatever health issues you are trying to sort out? I ask because I am unfamiliar with any system that would recommend massaging all of the meridians at one time. Certainly there are some qigong exercises and mild rub down techniques that work on the meridians. And I can see some benefit to just working the entire body. Generally, however, if you are trying to treat something in particular a more specific approach will lead to better results.

There are many systems of oriental massage which use the meridians (shiatsu, tuina, and various others meridian massage, etc.). Proper use of these systems, however, requires various diagnostic techniques to figure imbalances between meridians and then use the flow of the meridians to tonify or remove excess energy in specific meridians. Without knowing what you are trying to treat, it's hard to recommend what you should do. I doubt you could make yourself worse by doing this, but properly applied you could make yourself much better.

Generally, going with the flow (following the numbers in succession) of the meridian is tonifying and against the flow is dispersive. You might, for example, disperse the liver meridian and tonify the spleen to help with digestive and energy issues from liver excess. This would require some aspect of diagnosis which can come from the tongue, pulse, and other tools. I would suggest you consider reading some of the shiatsu texts in our bodywork resources section. These texts will help you approach your self-healing with massage and acupressure in a more focused manner. Personally, I think the ones by Ohashi are the best for beginners. Consulting with a practitioner for techniques specific to your case is also recommended.


Hi Chad; Thankyou for your quick response to my question. I am quoting the author Madonna Gauding of the book Working With Chi. This author says that "massaging all your meridians in order, at one time, helps to stimulate and circulate your chi throughout your body and normalize any excess or deficiency."

best regards;



I see... I've read about this technique before and have always felt it's a bit non-specific. Certainly massaging your entire body is going to be helpful to a degree - just like any massage would. What seems to happen within this camp, however, is that they feel by massaging all the meridians somehow everything will balance out magically. This is roughly akin to saying that if you needle every point your body would come to a supreme point of balance. This is obviously not the case. The proper use of meridians and acupuncture points is something that takes years of education and practical applied experience to use correctly. While, again, I see no harm in massaging the meridians, I would try to be more focused with your use of particular points or learn and use techniques such as qigong and tai chi which have been shown with multiple research studies to help the body balance physically, emotionally, and bio-chemically. If you work with a practitioner they can often suggest acupressure points, massage techniques, exercises, etc. that are beneficial to you with your various health issues at this point in time.


Bob, this is the first I've heard of "chi massage". I really don't know anything about it so will not comment on that technique. What I will offer as advice is, please keep massage as massage and meridian work, be it acupressure, shiatsu, acupuncture, etc. as meridian work. Both are valuable in their own right and can stand alone.

The problem with combining the two is that suddenly the general population refers to it that way. For example, I'm sure you've seen Shiatsu massagers around. Fact is, Shiatsu and massage are NOT the same thing and should not be used in the same context or sentence. The AOBTA (American Organization of Bodywork Therapies of Asia), has been working hard to get the public to understand that very point, so that Shiatsu doesn't fall under the massage umbrella when it comes to licensing. The NCCAOM, is the testing organization for Asian therapies, It is quite a bit more expensive than the national exam for massage therapists,and other than anatomy and physiology, very different in the questions asked on the test. If I remember right, the NCCAOM has two areas, one for Asian Bodyworkers and another for Acupuncturists.


Kind of off topic, but I just wanted to say that, in reading your response, I have become soooo glad that I found this website! I enjoy finding experienced, knowledgable people to learn from and be able to pose questions to, and while I am not new to the energy system, I am completely new to using it for practicing acupressure and the like, except for the basics, which I learned during a small part of the 600hr massage program. I can&#39t wait to start working on some CEUs!!


The (Source-points) on the channels are key.

When I was in school I asked a similar questions, thinking it would help me to remember more- faster, & trying and rap my head around the many branched river of the oriental wisdom known as (TCM).

This is what I have learned, the source points are the key points on the meridians to unblock the meridian’s energies.

Massage teaches us’ too to always direct our strokes and their energies towards the heart or towards the center of the body. So when in doubt’ I would start at the source point & or at the distal ends of the channals and work my way towards center!? but don&#39t quot me on that..Lol

Yin channels and points are found mostly on the (front of the body) with the exception of the (UB). The conception channel is the foremost Yin vessel" . It&#39s called an exceptional channel because it has no specific organ it is related to.

Chad describes the yin channels as generous to a fault, lending of its own energies for the well- being of its nabering meridians.

Where as, Yang channels tend to be more holding or selfish with there energies. However, it is Yang meridian energy that is reported to be the superior catalyst for awakening and energizing the immune systems of the body? With the (GV) Governing vessel, another extraordinary channel i.e. with no direct link to any specific organ, the (GV) is touted as the command central of all the yang channels”?

On a final note’ I hear/read that repeating your meridian activation process 2-4 times is an effective way to make your assurances doubly sure?..

Bob I’d recommend considering the effects of the elements of overwhelm when considering opening the body up to extreme stimulation, and or exhaustion. When dealing with regular clients and clients of the special populations such as the elderly children and those with an already challenged immune system or constitution. Balance is the key concern within the mind body & energy of the client. Imbalance in one’s energies lends to dysfunction in ones life. You might find that optimal transformational impact can be accomplished effectivly enoughf by gradual means and more lastingly by providing and sustaining a positive comforting proximal presence, during the session, and by displaying the ellaments sincere caring and personal concern,

This is as, or-more valuable/importent than any modality you could possibly perform&#39 so say the hospital nurses? Good luck Bob..

Ps Bob moving/working at a pace quicker than the heart&#39s rate of beating speeds it up, working slower than it’s beating slows it down. Slow is better in most instances..


There is a simple direction of Qi move in merdians, it also can use in massage meridians direction. that is: feet 3 yang meridians from head to feet, feet 3 yin meridians from feet to abdomen and chest, hands 3 yang meridians from head to hands, hands 3 yin meridians from hands to chest.


WahTsSup??? mi piccalillis&#39 my response has grown&#39

I&#39ve polished my presentation considerably!


Work energies downWards - From Head & neck), towards feet, (Down&OuT)

Work energies from body&#39s center towards sides & down at (chest & Back)., & extremities (Out&Down). Movng energies otherwise (Builds chi) & is not generally the need.?

In TCM all joints as Gates.

Yin & Yang Vessels( w/Points) above & below the Lips, R-the Greatest of the (8) Regulatory Vessels&#39 which manage & control the Organ&#39s riverLike channel&#39s balanced movement.

"THe infinent ness of unconditional/generous universal Love energy (Cosmic) Chi, is attracted to & into the body 1st. by The energies of the Open and relaxed Heart.

So the proper protocol "Is-Then Relax the Neck&Head

The state of mind dramatically affects the state of the Heart-Hence Organs & channels. which have their roots & or organs in the fingers and toes. So there you haviT,

Mind & body movement builds grounds gathers, leads, & Balances Chi. Ps. only "15% of the body&#39s energy (chi) is excess, hence&#39 exercises in building and re-building fresh Chi, quantities quality and movement is important to everyone especially aspiring care givers.


What’s Chi Massage; Good1 Bob

We all eat sleep "& breath for the sake & hope of incurring fresh Chi, "energy; Massage too is about Chi!

qi movement do have&#39 a (more) and or less-productive&#39 protocols of strategic approach for maximum results.

I fancy my holistic education as well rounded “(Some-midi physical, part clinical and fructifying with medical massage and energy healing.

You heard Um Robert&#39 follow the points forward to Build follow them backward to depress and disperse the Yin Yang balance. ahhum ahhumahhum

Tapping&#39 slapping w/gently cupped fists, circular rubbing of the skin & deep tissue w/out friction`ing on the shin grabbing, shaking, skin rolling, snapping, pressing and many other strokes can be used to bring deep stagnant energies to life and help the mind in leeding Chi up to the surface of the skin for evaluating and adjusting. Any Way God has blessed us all with a marvelous interest in a wonderfield healing quest that will protect our bodys lift our spirits and minds and of those around us. Blessed be! WE

Only one thing greater than healing’ & that’s

Sharing the healing skills w/others..! because they will teach others etc.etc.

Share or return to the dark ages’

Just so much to be grateful for, who could eggnor?..I agree w/ Bob dissimanate!

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