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Chi flowback. What exactly is that. This is from an article


Hi, I am reading about Chi flowback and this is kind of a follow up to “Patterns I’ve not seen here”. I find it interesting being about psychiatry and having issues of my own. I have read there is an extreme heat the ancients said that bothers the heart that makes people want to go around nude in public. But here’s a quote from the text.

Tetsuya Kondo, Madoka Yanagida and Setsuko Kame: Traditional Chinese 11
Patterns in Psychosomatic and Psychiatric Medicine

“Mood disorders, anxiety disorders and insomnia have
been treated with empirical therapy by using Kampo
recipes for liver qi depression [3], intense heart fire [4],
dual deficiency of the heart and spleen syndrome [5], yin
deficiency [5], phlegm‐ fire harassing the heart [6],
phlegm turbidity [6] or phlegm clouding the pericardium

What’s Chi counterflow?


If you search the site for “running fire” you will get some previous discussions that are relevant to this.


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