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Chi blockage on third eye and crown


Hi iam sorry but i feel helpless. İ read Mantak Chia books and trying to orbit my chi past 7 months. But last 4 days very very intense presssure on my third eye ( sometimes jump crown point) panics me. İ cant sleep. Trying to obsorb more yin but when i relax my third eye pulsing heavily and sucks more energy pressure incresing. so i feel helpless. İs it possible this indicates other sickness like flu? do you have suggestions what sould i do?


Do you have a teacher locally? If not, you need to find one if at all possible. For now you should stop practicing and do some walking and/or some light cardiovascular exercise such as jogging. This will help to descend and circulate the stuck energy. Do not practice until the feeling has subsided. Acupuncture would also be highly recommended at this time. It may take a couple weeks for the stuck energy to move. Practitioners train for years at times to fully complete and smoothly circulate the microcosmic orbit - so the fact that you have only been practicing for 7 months means there is no hurry. Take your time and you will avoid many of the dangers inherent in incorrect and/or excessive practice.


Thank you very much for reply. Jogging relaxed my head . But some there are some things i dont understand. If Yin Yang balanced energy trap in head is it still be a problem or just yang energy? that means my body have lots of yang? İf i was completely misunderstood the concept do you recommend any documents, books?


What you are experiencing is a condition termed "running fire". It is very common in qigong, yoga, tai chi, meditation, and other forms of energy exercise/work. It is essentially the result of incorrect and/or excessive practice and most often involves incorrect breathing (i.e. not natural) as well. It is not so much a yang excess in a person as you can still have running fire and be deficient overall. This condition in its mildest form is simply a stuck energy feeling and in more advanced forms can lead to breathing problems, psychological issues, and physical health issues. While a teacher is crucial so long as you practice normal amounts, breath normally, and walk after practicing you should be fine over time. The key is to be patient and not rush your practice.

This concept and remedies are discussed within a section of the Tai Chi Dao Yin text - which also contains a very useful qi gong exercise that is less likely to cause these types of problems.

Psych issues and TCM

Practice third eye is very easy to running fire, if no teacher's guide is very dangerous, play Tai Chi is a good way to correct the running fire problem.

Thank you


Feng Mei



I meditate just for health. Usually about !5 minutes in the morning. But now I feel some pain in my upper arm about 2 or 3 minutes from the beginning . Is it a blockage ?




Hi I don’t wish to encourage extreme intensities for someone who already seems nearly over enthusiastic, but’ I learned when studying as a cleric many years ago that sometimes the most powerful things you can do to unblock and unlock your energies are sometimes passive.

For example bowing-down is sometimes more effective than aggression i.e. always standing or running or lifting weights etc.

As it is in one’s Zen meditation practice, taking on the role of the 3erd. party spectator/, one is able to observe relish and appreciate more intimately the workings of the inner and outer environments with out becoming swept up in direct involvement with them.

In the same way, finding a safe soft place to assume the (fettle possession) and just let the world go by for a few long moments and it will go by because it is the nature of time and universal- awareness to shift change and adjust. I.e. Bowing down is not necessarily-passive if your awareness is kept there it is like shaping the whole body into a great big fist. lol funny but true, i.e. it can be vary expansive-energetically.

Rising slowly to a seated possession just begin a slow rocking motion w/the upper-body rocking Lt. to Rt. arching less and less’ coming to a halt sitting striate up. Let the Zen begin, the Buddhists say “no stillness-no peace-no peace no clarity of mind.” And then begin breathing practices.

The Normal breath, (push belly out when inhaling, draw belly in-& back towards spine when your exhaling). Repeat (21) times.

(The healing breath) 2 or 3 consecutive/back to back in-breaths pause’ 2 or 3 sic. exhale fully and relax completely, repeat (70) times each day." or more is recommended!

Next; (Belly breathing) panting rapidly repeatedly and deeply through the nose’ notice that the belly bounces when your doing it right. repeat for (1-2) minuets.)

And finally (theYin Krea) used for producing universal prosperity. Breath in&#39 as slowly and deeply as you can for say, a count of 5 or 6, hold the air in&#39 for a count of five or six, exhale slowly and deeply for a count of five or six, then hold the air out for about the same amount of time. Repeat 21 times.

*Holding the thong on the roof of the mouth (bridges the Chi of Heaven and Earth) anchoring it within the body. Beginning & or ending your days w/a introspective-ZaZen meditation practice might be the grounding and centering actions you need to ready your mind for the intensities or rest your special energies seem to require and seek. Good luck always.. I hope this helps!


With hands-fingers pointed in opposite directions place one on the a-forehead & one on the back of the head press & hold in 2-4 min. intervals. no more than 20 min. per day. Famous for-post traumatic stress syndrome release (a cure). Good luck...

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