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Chi and flow directions


Is it the Lung or Liver that sends chi in all directions. I am about to get a CT my Dr. thinks I might have pancreatitis. And the symptom can be Gall bladder too. Sick after eating sometimes. I get hot then cold. I am going to see the result and then perhaps ask about possible patterns. But I thought the stomach sent chi downward and to the Spleen too. I thought the Lung moved chi in all directions. Some of my info is conflicting :frowning:


It depends on the type of qi you are talking about. There are several basic types of qi and depending which type you’re talking about will determine what organ system(s) is responsible and which direction that particular qi should flow.


There’s kong chi and gu chi that is mixed by the organs. There’s a Don chi. Or simply body chi too I guess.


Just a side note, be sure to check your amylase and lipase level in your blood. That’s one component that determines pancreatitis.


My BUN is of course off. Creat seems fine as always. Aspartate and alanine both not messed up for once. Just one. He thinks that’s a med I take for Triglycerides messing up hepatic levels. I take too much stuff. But things like HTN is something to play with. Once it’s under control then I would consider an acupuncturist. Iheard an acupuncturist say once “If there’s bubbles in your phlegm it’s an infection”. I really don’t think the ancients would’ve told anyone that. When I spit there’s always bubbles so I am not clear on what he was saying there. :frowning:


Hum that was just checked the other day when I went to the hospital. If I remember right it was fine. I get hungry and sick sometimes and can’t keep something down. Other times I can eat fine. Can’t that come from food not completely leaving the stomach and digestive tract? That would involve damp heat and the middle burner wouldn’t it? Spleen, Stomach, LI, SI.


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