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Cheeks Flushing


Submitted By: lexiophile

I have been having problems with my face, especially my cheeks, flushing in the late afternoon and early evening for about a year. It started after a period of prolonged stress, with my cheeks and sometimes my nose, ears, and the rest of my face becoming quite red throughout the day, culminating in feelings of heat and strong flushing later in the day (usually between 5 and 7 pm).

I was also experiencing other symptoms like constant thirst and the feeling of little bugs crawling on my face and sometimes the rest of my body.

I reduced my stress levels, but the problem didn't go away. I have been going to acupuncture twice weekly for about two months, and I've also been taking herbs, and while this has been helpful, I'm still definitely having problems with flushing.

The problem is much worse on days when I'm at school (I'm in high school). On weekends, the flushing is much less in the late afternoon, but sometimes it is pretty strong if I've spent the day at a place like the library or the mall. (Maybe due to the lights/yang energy, etc?)

My acupuncturist said that my flushing might be due to (kidney) yin deficiency, liver yang rising, or blood deficiency. I have been trying out different herbs-- da bu yin wan (didn't really have an effect), ming mu di huang wan (worked better), zhi bai di huang wan (worked best so far), and Golden Flower Nourish Essence (worked best but I haven't been taking it since it's expensive). Do my symptoms sound like these herbs would be best for it? What else might I try? I want to get rid of my imbalance symtoms, not just lessen them.

What are other things I could do for my condition? What kind of diet should I have? I probably eat too much sugar right now, but what specifically should I add/avoid? I have noticed that computers and electronics worsen my flushing; is this due to them hurting yin energy? Also, why might my condition be worse at school?

I have also been thinking about trying qigong. Would this help?

I'm really just looking for herbs/other suggestions for how to cure my condition (also, how long do you think it will take to get rid of the symptoms? They are really starting to wear down on me...).

Thank you so much for your help!


The tidely flush heat is becase of Yin deficiency, damp heat or stomach heat, your symdrone more like stomach heat cause yin deficiency (if you have constipation also), indocrine & hormones unbalance in TCM mean Yin Yang unbalance, practice Tai Chi & Qi Gong will help you relax body and balance your condition, eat more vegetables and fruits will good for you, keep away coffee, wine, tea, smoke will helpful, sooth bowelmovement to sedate the heat down way and keep emotion good without depress anixous tension can reduce your symdrone, you need take the Zhi Bai Di Huang Wan to tonify your Yin energy.


A couple questions before I try to offer anything more constructive for you to do... First, have you seen a western doctor and had any blood work done lately including thyroid function tests? If so, did anything irregular show up... If not, and if it&#39s possible, I would do that just to help clarify the cause. Along those lines have you consulted with a western doctor about this at all, perhaps being given the diagnosis of rosacea?

Finally when you say the herbs "worked", what exactly happened as it is clear that your issues have not resolved. Did you actually flush less often (go hours, days, weeks, without flushing?) - or did you just feel less heat overall?

Do you feel hot at night and/or get nightsweats? Do you get headaches (if so, how often, where, etc...)? Do you have any vision disturbances (blurry vision, eye pain, red eyes)?

Certainly, avoiding excessive sugar, alcohol, spicy foods, and smoking will help regardless of the true cause/reason for your issues and qi gong/tai chi is always a good idea if you are at all drawn to that type of exercise.


I have consulted several western doctors. I first saw a dermatologist who said that I did not have rosacea, just "high color" (although it came on very suddenly and the flushing is rather uncomfortable). I got several blood tests done, for vitamin deficiencies, allergies, and hormone levels. Everything came out normal except my vitamin D levels were a bit low and my thyroid levels were a bit high (but my doctor said that was normal for kids...I was 16 at the time of the tests).
The herbs that I have been taking reduce the amount of heat and the amount of redness during my afternoon/evening flushing but the flushing definitely still occurs. I do sometimes feel hot when I'm at school, though, and I think the herbs have reduced this too.
I did have problems with red, irritated eyes but that has gone away since I started acupuncture. It seems like acupuncture and herbs have eliminated all of the problems except the flushing.

Thanks for your help!


Hey there....just wanted to share that I have been slowly getting control of these same empty heat symptoms by using guidelines for eating for Heart Yin Deficiency. Perhaps have a look at it. Of course, if it is has been long-standing, it will not change overnight. The only modification I would suggest is to just eat Oats in small amounts if you are prone to damp or live in a damp atmosphere, like me here in Vancouver. I`m not a clinician of any sort, but just thought I might pass along this and hope that you may find it helpful if it is at all applicable to your life. If you are feeling worn down, I like to take a microalgae/chlorella supplement. Just don`t take it on an empty stomach as it is too cold for most. Cheers.

I have also found it essential to have a relaxed (not at my desk) and well balanced lunch everyday. I like to take a corn and/or quinoa porridge to work with me. Ask your TCM Doc which grains would work well for you in a porridge.

( I also have chronic stomach may not).


It sounds like you are heading in the right direction. Personally, I feel like Zhi Bai Di Huang Wan might be a little too focused on the heat symptoms for your overall signs, but that is difficult to say for certain without seeing you personally. Generally speaking you should probably be better symptom wise than you are right now so it seems like something is missing from the overall treatment. I just added our Tong Ren for Rosacea treatment page which includes the points that we commonly use within our system (along with points for your overall TCM Diagnosis). Those points place emphasis on opening up the circulation in the neck/face to aid with rosacea - while it is not always a structural issue per se even with underlying yin deficiency proper healing requires opening up this area. I would get either your current practitioner (or a massage therapist/bodyworker) to do some work in the area described within that section.

Herbally, I think I might focus on moving the liver a little more and continue with some of the yin deficiency symptoms as well. I might try Jia Wei Xiao Yao Wan with either Liu Wei Di Huang Wan or Suan Zao Ren just to see if you get a little further along. You should, however, discuss this directly with your current practitioner as they are more directly familiar with your overall diagnosis.


Hey man, I have like an identical problem. Are you fine now? If yes, what seemed to help you?

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