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Characteristics of element points


Dear dr, I am Ram Kumar, acupuncture student from India. I can understand the characteristics of WATER & FIRE points in general. Kindly explain the characteristics of WOOD, METAL and EARTH points. what can we expect when we activate these points


Start by reading our five element theory section and then look up each of the elemental points and read about them.


Thanks for your prompt reply Dr... I asked about the physical properties of the point. eg. when you treat fire point, u disperse or reinforce HEAT., DAMPNESS for water points. what physical properties can be compared with METAL, WOOD, & EARTH points.. Hope you understood my doubt Dr...


As a 5 element practitioner, perhaps I can help you understand.

In 5E, we don&#39t use concepts such as &#39damp&#39, &#39heat&#39 etc. We work on the premise that treating the Constitutional Element brings balance to the entire system, so the fundamental basis is diagnosing that element. However, within that, we treat any blocks between the elemental flow, as well as improving correspondence between the elements. It may look simple on paper but, is complex in practice, and I respectfully suggest if you are interested in 5E (which is a remarkable system) then you embark on some study of it before applying it to practice.

I studied TCM after my 5E training, and being able to use the two systems as complementary to each other is a powerful way to work . I think it is easier to focus on one modality to become familiar with Chinese Medicine as a paradigm, and explore others after then. I hope you can find out all you need to know and enjoy your practice even more!


Thank you very much Dr.. still a long way for me to go in acupuncture. Hope I can understand much better when I start clinical practice..

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