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Channel and meridian and their purpose


I ma evidently the only one that uses the term thrusting channels, governing and functioning channel, organ meridians, and belt channels. These are terms I am seeing,

Ren channel and Du channel and Dai channel,
Chong channel,
Yang and Yin motility channels,
Yin wei and Yang wei channes.

What are linking channels? Are they use in dispersing heat if you’re using herbs? And not acupuncture, I guess are they involved? Is this all of them? In TCM anyway? I would think they are being used when using herbs.


Since you seem to be interested in many of the basics of TCM I’d recommend getting ‘A Manual of Acupuncture’ by Peter Deadman.

The ren, du, dai, chong, etc. are the extraordinary vessels, which are not the same at all as linking channels. Linking channels are basically the energetic connections between the main channels and don’t have points of their own. The main channels could be considered to be like superhighways whereas the linking channels would be like the avenues and streets that feed in and out of the superhighways.


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