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CFS related issues


Hi Chad:
Thanks for your reply on my question about emotions. I have had CFS-related issues for years. I don't know how much Tong Ren can help CFS but as I am financially limited I thought I'd inquire on what TR can do for CFS. I know less is more with this condition, its easy to overdo it. Maybe this is too complex a condition but I am really looking for starting points using TR that as these are accomplised begin to build physical healing.


We treat chronic fatigue and related issues quite often with good results. I have an acupuncture section on the condition which will give you an idea of how Chinese Medicine views and treats the condition in more technical terms - that article is here.

With regards to Tong Ren, we most often focus on points such as < a href="">UB 9, GB 20, SI 16, and LI 18. SI 16 and LI 18 are in the "sky-window" area and are used to facilitate circulation and communication to and from the brain. UB 9 is for the cerebellum which controls muscle tone and movements. Occasionally we will add work around the huatuo of T1, T2, T3 to regulate the immune system as in some cases, depending on the symptoms, there is an auto-immune component to the condition.

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