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Cervical pain in hand cause is c5 c6 disc in MRI


Is there any healing way to relif the pain in hand.


Yes acupuncture is very effective for treating any kind of disc issues and related pain.


Can tou guide me a the procedure how it is done. Or any homr exercises to relif the pain?? As already done physiotherapy by tracktion since 1 yr. But no result. The pain location is in the pic attached


Is there any solution in chinese medicine? Or any chinese massage i can do at home to reduce the pain in hand. And the problem is in c5 c6 disc of the spine.


Start with our acupuncture for neck pain section for some ideas. To yourself as a home treatment, however, it isn’t that likely that you will get much relief. It would be far better to consult with an acupuncturist in your area if available.


Well there are no accupunture specialist in my country. Many of them are fake. And i have already done physiotherapy and traction for 6 months. So looking for some exercises to releif the pain in hand.


If you search youtube you’ll find many videos with exercises and stretches for cervical problems. I’m not qualified to determine which ones would be ideal for you but if you don’t have any options in terms of seeing a practitioner than it would be somewhere to start.


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