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Cerebral Angiomas



I´m having a hard time personally because a dear friend of mine has cerebral angiomas. He is a 33 year old male, who has has various surgeries to try and controle the angiomas. Because of these serveral interventions he is now blind (the angiomas are near the optic nerve). His biggest problem are the excrutiating headaches he has... What i would like help on this case because this case is so personal, i have a hard time being objective. Should i use electroestimulation as well? Is treating the blood stagnation enough? I appreciate all of you help. Thanks


What is your overall tcm diagnosis? What does the tongue and pulse say? What, exactly, have you been doing and with what result? and what medicines (herbal and/or western) is he on?



It appears to me to have blood stagnationa and fire in liver.

Tongue with dental marks, red with almost no coating.

The points i have been doing: 10Spleen, 4Large Int., 7H, 9Lung, 17GV, 3Kidney, 3Liver, 20 GV, Yin Tang and Tai Yang

At the moment he is on several diferent pain medication, cortison, eutirox. (all western meds)

He has severe pain (everywhere) and especially headachs, tremor and also knee tendinites... also very depressed... the pain sometimes becomes so intense that he bits himself...

He has has 2 treatments with no changes...

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