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CCSVI and MS (Chronic Cerebralspinal Venous Insufficiency and Multiple Sclerosis)

I was wondering if any practitioners could share some possible Chinese herbal formulas/formulations to consider when treating CCSVI. Much appreciated! In particular I have a patient who has specifically lack of sensation of fingertips /parasthesia and supposedly small jugular veins as well coinciding with MS.

As the article you allude to references, we tend to focus nearly exclusively on acupuncture, tuina therapy and tong ren therapy for MS patients.

That said, if I were to use herbal medicine it wouldn’t be targeted at a symptom/cause; just like in any case they would be tailored to the persons underlying pattern in TCM terms. Our acupuncture for MS section has most of the common underlying TCM patterns and general approaches.

While you could potentially argue for blood stasis formulas such as xue fu zhu yu wan, you would really have to balance those functions with the persons overall patterns. Using stasis formulas in cases of yin deficiency or severe qi or blood deficiency would likely be more detrimental than helpful.

I do feel, however, the approach has potential benefits if balanced with the overall needs of the patient.

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