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Causing miscarriage with pressure points


Hi there,

Firstly please do not judge me as I feel incredibly awful and guilty and cannot stop beating myself up. I struggled to conceive and had a miracle baby in 2013. We decided in 2014 to see what would happen and I fell pregnant in the first month.

I had a massive panic it happened so quickly and was scared of not having time for my baby. I googled and pressed points in my hand (li4 I think) and in my ankles. I rubbed these points and ended up having a miscarriage

I feel so awful that I brought this on (I’m not trained at all in any of this) and am now struggling to conceive for a much wanted baby.

I feel I am being punished and I brought this on to myself. I’m sorry if this is the wrong place but I wanted some experts to tell me if I really did cause my miscarriage by pressing these points?

Thank you so so so much. I’m praying I didn’t cause it by pushing points. I was just so scared at the time


You didn’t cause your miscarriage, see our previous responses here. Particularly the article that is mentioned in that post, “Exploration of the “Forbidden” Points”.


Thank you so much. I feel incredibly guilty and wish I could turn back time. I am trying accupuncture to help me get pregnant again as I used it in early pregnancy to stay healthy. I hope emotionally and physically it can help me.

Thank you for not judging and taking the time to reply

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